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San Mateo Countywide
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
555 County Center
Redwood City, CA  94063
tele: 650-599-1406
fax: 650-361-8227
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Pesticides are poisons that kill pests, but they can also harm people, pets, and other creatures in our environment.  Pesticides applied around the outside of your home, or in your garden, can be washed into storm drains by rain and sprinklers.  These pesticides end up polluting creeks, the Bay, and Pacific Ocean, destroying the environment for our children and future generations. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) promotes the use of non-toxic, or less toxic methods to control pests.   STOPPP encourages everyone to consider using integrated pest management to control pests, and help reduce contaminated runoff.

Get your free IPM guide to controlling ants!  Email STOPPP:, or call 650-363-4708..

Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) Integrated Pest Management Factsheets
  • IPM 2001 Newsletter - Our Water, Our World
  • Ants IPM Factsheet (1999) [364k]
  • Aphids IPM Factsheet (1999) [351k]
  • Cockroaches IPM Factsheet (1999) [339k]
  • Fleas IPM Factsheet (1999) [357k]
  • Tips for a Beautiful Lawn IPM Factsheet (1999) [458k]
  • Safe Use and Disposal of Pesticides IPM Factsheet (1999) [332k]
  • Naturally Managing Pests IPM Factsheet (1999) [359k]
  • Wonderful Roses IPM Factsheet (1999) [220k]
  • Snails and Slugs IPM Factsheet (1999) [359k]
  • Spiders IPM Factsheet (1999) [380k]
  • Yellowjackets IPM Factsheet (1999) [439k]
  • EPA Bans Dursban: What You Need to Know (2000)[96k]
  • Diazinon (1996) [12k]
  • Diazinon in Urban Areas (1996) [784k]
  • "Our Water, Our World" Less Toxic Products List

  • KRON Channel 4 San Francisco - Are Your Pesticides Harmful To Your Family?


    The University of California Integrated Pest Management Project has made this information available:

    *   Pest Management and Identification
    *   Pests of agricultural crops, floriculture, and commercial turf
                - Pest Management Guidelines
    *   Pests of home and landscape - Pest Notes
    *   Weed photo gallery - photos and descriptions of weeds
    * Models
    *   Models of plants, pests, and beneficials - using degree-days
    *   Crop disease models
    *   University of California IPM sponsored projects on the Web