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San Mateo Countywide
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
555 County Center
Redwood City, CA  94063
tele: 650-599-1406 
fax: 650-361-8227
Municipal contacts
Stormwater links
Best Management Practices
Integrated Pest Management
River of Words Poetry Contest
Community Action Grants
Mercury Recycling Information

Best Management Practice brochures provide guidance that will help homeowners, business's, contractors, and service people reduce the amount of stormwater pollution that maintenance activities might generate. Click on the file to download the brochure.
  Food Facility Series:

  • 'Clean It Right' BMP poster for restaurants

  • BMPs for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

  • Construction Industry Series:

  • "Start at the Source" a new development & construction BMP guidebook, developed by the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA), can be ordered by calling 510-622-2465

  • Fresh Concrete & Mortar Application

  • Earth-Moving Activities

  • General Construction and Site Supervision

  • Heavy Equipment Operation

  • Landscaping, Gardening, and Pool Maintenance

  • Painting and Application of Solvents and Adhesives

  • Roadwork and Paving

  • Conceptual Review Checklist for Stormwater Considerations

  • Guide to Creek & Wetland Permitting
  • Riparian Erosion and Sediment Control brochure

      Automotive Maintenance Series:
  • Pollution Prevention Practices for Automotive Service and Repair Shops

  • California EPA Fact Sheet on Antifreeze Recycling

  • Automotive Recyclers Association - Stormwater BMPs for Auto Recycling Yards

  • Mobile Cleaner & Power Washing 
  • CETA Mobile Cleaner BMPs for Waste Water Runoff

  • Sacramento County's Best Management Practices for Pressure Washers

  • "BASMAA Recognized Surface Cleaners List". Mobile power washers and surface cleaners who have been trained by local member agencies in pollution prevention practices.

  • Storm Drain Stencilling :
  • Stencil your Storm Drain (Adobe pdf format)

      General BMPs:

  • General BMPs for Everyone (Adobe pdf format)

      Home & Garden Brochures
  • Why do people dump their trash in creeks?

  • STOPPP Integrated Pest Management Information Page

  • How to clean up a mercury spill from a thermometer or thermostat.

      Municipal Brochures
  • Public Employee Guidance Document


    Environmental Computer Games for the PC
  • Ecomasters - Learn about storm drains and sewers