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San Mateo Countywide
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
555 County Center
Redwood City, CA  94063
tele: 650-599-1406
fax: 650-361-8227
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  Community Action Grants


STOPPP is offering $15,000 in Community Action Grants for volunteer groups, teachers, environmental organizations and other local, not-for-profit associations interested in developing and/or implementing projects which improve the quality of local creeks, the Bay or the Pacific Ocean within San Mateo County. Up to $2,500 will be awarded to groups proposing projects to restore, protect, enhance, or prevent pollution of local waterways or which benefit the ecology of the San Mateo County watershed.


The San Mateo Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (STOPPP) was created by 20 municipalities and San Mateo County as a joint effort to prevent stormwater pollution; to protect water quality; to preserve the beneficial recreational and commercial uses of creeks, the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean; and to comply with State and Federal regulations. One of the Primary goals of STOPPP is to engage the public in pollution prevention. Stormwater pollution results when motor oil, hazardous household products, garden chemicals, and other toxic materials accumulate on roads and pavement, are spilled or washed by rainwater, hoses or sprinklers into storm drains. Many people assume that storm drains are routed to treatment plants, in fact they flow directly to local creeks, the Bay or the Pacific Ocean without any type of treatment. Stormwater pollution represents the largest source of water pollution in the Bay Area. STOPPP recognizes that the natural beauty of San Mateo County is a source of great pride for County residents, and that as a result, many efforts are underway to protect, restore, or enhance creeks, riparian corridors, the coast and the Bay shore. The success of these community-based efforts will greatly assist STOPPP in meeting its pollution prevention goals. In the interest of establishing working partnerships with the local community and in fostering environmental stewardship, STOPPP has created a community grant program to encourage and facilitate organizations to conduct projects that are beneficial to the quality of water, and the quality of life in San Mateo County.

Download the brochure you will find details about the community grant program, answers to commonly asked questions, and an initial application for the $2,500 grant.

  • Community Action Grant Application

    Grants awarded in 2002

    Project Title: San Franciscquito Creek Stewartship Project
    Applicant: ACTERRA: Action for a Sustainable Earth, 3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303

    Project Title: San Mateo Creek Protection and Restoration (with the San Mateo Boys and Girls Club)
    Applicant: Coyote Point Museum for Enviromental Education, 1651 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401-1097

    Project Title: New Signs for Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
    Applicant: Friends of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, P.O. Box 451. Moss Beach, CA 94038

    Project Title: Gardening with Natives/Restoring Columa Creek Headwaters
    Applicant: San Bruno Mountain Stewardship Project, 1277 Linda Mar Center #321, Pacifica, CA 94044

    Project Title: Half Moon Bay Riparian Restoration Project
    Applicant: San Mateo Coast Natural History Association, 250 Executive Park Blvd., Suite 4900, San Francisco, CA 94134-3306

    Project Title: Equine Facilities Assistant Program Printing and Distribution
    Applicant: San Mateo County Resource Conservation District, 625 Miramontes Street, Suite 206, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

    Project Title: Pacifica "Creekwatch”
    Applicant: San Pedro Creek Watershed Coalition, Box 850, Pacifica, CA 94044

    Previous grants awarded in 1999

    In FY 1999/2000, six grant applicants qualified to compete for a portion of the total available $15,000 ($2500 maximum per project). The following community projects received funding from STOPPP, totaling $14,100:

    Project Title: Half Moon Bay Riparian Restoration Project
    Applicant: San Mateo County Natural History Association
    Project Description: Volunteers will restore riparian areas of lower Pilarcitos Creek, lower Frenchman's Creek, and the ponds of Venice Beach by removing non-native vegetation, planting willows and other riparian plants along with native coastal scrub, and removing trash. Education will occur through volunteer recruitment publicity and training, interpretation display at the Half Moon Bay State Beach Visitor Center, and post-project publicity and maintenance.
    Amount Requested: $2,500

    Project Title: Healthy Watershed Project
    Applicant: Save Our Shores, Northern Sanctuary Program
    Project Description: SOS will purchase a watershed model for use in presentations to schools and the public at environmental fairs, community meetings and special events. They will also develop a slide presentation and create an interpretive panel in Spanish and English to accompany the model.
    Amount Requested: $2,300

    Project Title: Notre Dame Creek Restoration Project
    Applicant: Notre Dame High School
    Project Description: Students will restore the native riparian ecosystem and establish a publicly accessible nature trail over the course of many years. First phase will focus on removal of nonnative species and debris and establishment of a water monitoring program. Funds are requested for purchase of portable laboratory probes to record temperature, pH, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water flow.
    Amount Requested: $2,500

    Project Title: Salmon and the Water Quality Connection
    Applicant: San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center
    Project Description: Center will organize and conduct a workshop with experts on creeks and water quality for landowners in the San Gregario Watershed to educate on the connections between the watershed, its fisheries and the impacts of land use. Workshop will be publicized to ~2500 residents and landowners through a newsletter, mailer, postering and announcements at community meetings. Expected turnout is 150-200 people.
    Amount Requested: $1,800

    Project Title: San Francisquito Creek Stewardship Project
    Applicant: Bay Area Action
    Project Description: BAA will organize habitat restoration events on the creek. They will perform educational outreach to member of the community, creekside residents, local schools, churches and corporate groups. Each restoration will include cleanup, removal of non-natives and revegetating denuded creek banks with natives. Project will encourage stewardship of the creek by residents.
    Amount Requested: $2,500

    Project Title: Watershed Management - Protecting Watershed for People, Plants and Animals
    Applicant: Elkus Youth Ranch/UC Cooperative Extension
    Project Description: Will identify habitat related to watershed, develop and reproduce watershed educational materials, construct and set up observation site, instruct and train staff on watershed and current projects, create and reproduce topographical map, designate watershed project as instructional station for visiting students, develop feasibility study of watershed workshop for selected San Mateo County teachers, continue to observe and adjust elements of watershed 'station'.
    Amount Requested: $2,500


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